Belated Liebster Awards

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Well, I was nominated for this Liebster Award thing by quite a few wonderful people over a month ago. I never got a chance to respond, being away from my computer while abroad. I’m pretty sure I’m extremely late to the party, but I figure I’d at least answer these questions because some of them are pretty cool. All of these people that nominated me have terrific blogs worth checking out, and they’ve all been very supportive of me since I started blogging, so I would recommend giving them a visit.

In random order, here are questions from…

Josh Hammond

1. Best experience ever at the movies (seeing Star Wars on opening night, a great date, etc.)? I worked at a movie theater for a good while, so I have some pretty crazy stories. I suppose a really good experience I’ve had lately was seeing The Gift with Joel Edgerton and Jason Bateman. I came in by myself on an off day just halfway curious to see the movie and walked away thoroughly astounded by how thrilling and unique it was. I wouldn’t have seen it if I didn’t have free passes, but I would have gladly payed to see that movie. I love when things like that take me by surprise.

2. Film that changed the way you think about an issue. Tons of movies fit this description. Do the Right Thing is a recent example. It didn’t really change any of my opinions, but it made me much more passionate and thoughtful about discussing race relations. It’s a wonderful movie with some really cool insights into the issue.

3. Least favorite “Oscar-bait” film that trivializes a real issue? The Blind Side. It didn’t even deserve a Best Picture nomination, and to my understanding, it falsely depicts the characters on which it is based for emotional Oscar-bait reasons.

4. Biopic that would have been better as a documentary? I tend to like biopics. Maybe The King’s Speech? I found the movie boring, but it perhaps would have made a cool documentary.

5. Favorite comedy?  (If you can believe this, at work we actually had a 32-film bracket of comedies which we watched back to back and rated.  The winner?  Dumb and DumberComing to America was robbed!) Favorite comedy is so difficult, and comedies can be funny or work on a lot of different levels. Airplane is a classic and perhaps the all-around purest “comedy,” although plenty of movies have made me laugh more. I’ll say The Big Lebowski.

6. Best Arnold Schwarzenegger action film? Terminator 2.

7. Zack Snyder – hack or misunderstood genius?  Or somewhere in between? A very flawed filmmaker. Sometimes he has some cool ideas, but he’s mostly just a poor director. Man of Steel bored me to tears.

8. Best superhero movie? Either Guardians of the Galaxy or The Dark Knight. Both are very different approaches to the “superhero movie,” but neither of them really fit the mold for the conventional superhero film. It’s interesting that people seem to like them the most, perhaps for this reason.

9. How long should a film be?  (I say 90 minutes for a comedy, 120 minutes for an action film, and 150 minutes for a drama – tops.  Anything longer better be damn good.) I don’t think there’s any way someone could place a hard and fast rule for film length. If your film deserves 4 hours, that’s fine. Poor pacing kills a film of any length. It’s one of my biggest problems with a lot of films today that feel like they deserve a far longer run time just for the sake of their own pretension (The Revenant, Captain America: Civil War…)

10. When did Spielberg stop making great movies and start making merely good movies? That’s a presumptive question. I think he just changed gears in what he was shooting for but never stopped making great movies altogether. Lincoln is a great movie that was made in 2012, but 1941 was a garbage movie made in 1979 at the peak of his career. He had most of his hits earlier in his career I suppose, but he’s still a very talented filmmaker. 

11. What should have won the Oscar for best picture last year? Spotlight, and it did!


  1. Have you ever snuck into a movie at the theatres and if so, how many is your record? While I was working at the movies, I probably snuck into hundreds of theaters just to get away from work. As far as before that on my own, maybe just a few times. 
  2. If you could have dinner with any movie character, who would you pick and why? Ferris Bueller seems like kind of an asshole, but I’d just like to hang out with him for a while. It would make me feel like one cool guy.
  3. If you could be a character in any movie universe, who would you pick and why? I’d like to live in a Wes Anderson film. Everything would be so snappy and pretty and silly, and I just think life would be a lot smoother. 
  4. What are your Top 5 favourite TV shows of all-time? Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, Bojack Horseman, and The Office (US). Pretty standard picks, but all of these shows have just blown me away, and I’ve rewatched them all at least once. 
  5. Are there any actors/actresses you strive to watch, no matter what the movie/project? Kevin Spacey is always really interesting just to observe in a film because he makes such neat choices as an actor. Philip Seymour Hoffman is also admirable for the range of characters he’s able to pull off.
  6. Who is your dream James Bond? I really can’t say who should play the next Bond. I’d have more fun telling you who probably should never play Bond. A lot of people have been throwing Emilia Clarke’s name around for a female Bond, but I don’t know if she could pull it off. Tom Hiddleston might be fun.
  7. If you could turn any movie into a TV series, which movie would you pick? I’d like to see the recurring adventures of Max Fischer from Rushmore.
  8. What is your go-to fast food restaurant? I’m trying to eat less fast food, but Chick Fil-A is pretty yummy.
  9. Do you have an all-time favourite Romantic Comedy or Drama couple? Not really my cup of tea. Woody Allen and Diane Keaton probably make my pick for Annie Hall, one of the few films in this genre that I think is interesting.
  10. Chris Evans, Hemsworth or Pine? I can’t say I’m a huge fan of any of them, but you gotta love Cap, so I’ll say Evans.
  11. If you could make your own college course and teach it, what would the title of your course be? Intro to Juggling, Karate, and Random Movie Facts.


  1. Who is your favourite director and what is your favourite film from him/her? Hard to say. I’ll pick a few. Tarantino: Kill Bills, Fincher: Social Network, Coen Brothers: Big Lebowski, Kubrick: The Shining, Scorsese: Goodfellas
  2. Who is your favourite Disney princess? Ariel.
  3. Imagine the world is going to end next month. Which movie apocalypse would you prefer to happen? Zombieland seems like a fun time. Always know your exits, though.
  4. If you could choose two films to do a crossover, which ones would you choose and why? The Babadook vs. Flubber. It will be great. I’ll start a Kickstarter and we’ll get this rolling.
  5. Upcoming film you’re looking forward the most? (doesn’t have to be 2016, can be from any year in the future) I’m really hopeful that Suicide Squad is a fun movie with some actual creativity behind it. Hopefully DC can salvage whatever train wreck they’ve created and let some talented people do some actual directing.
  6. Best soundtrack of all time? I can put on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack any time. Say what you will about Tarantino, but he knows some really great music, and it always seems to be one of the best things about his movies.
  7. Favourite historical time period? I think the Gilded Age in America is really underrated. Just a lot of sleazy dealings and people getting fabulously rich with no regulation. I’d watch a movie about Carnegie and Rockefeller and all those guys.
  8. Link the most favourite post you’ve ever written. I feel like my writing has changed since I’ve started, and I do think I’m getting better at evaluating my movies. I’ll say my Eraserhead review for now. I think I gave a good discussion of a complex film, and I’m pretty proud of it.
  9. If you won an Oscar, who would you thank in your speech? All of you amazing people who read my blog. Also probably my family. And whoever put enough faith in me to let me work on a movie in the first place. 
  10. What is the worst film you have ever seen? I’ve seen some pretty trash movies, but I’d say the viewing experience I enjoyed the least was Movie 43. It’s got big names and a high production value which raises the bar a bit, but nothing about this movie is funny. It’s just painfully stupid and the most boring 100 minutes you’ll ever see. It just goes to show that big names can’t save a bad script.


  1. Which song/score would be the theme tune to the film of your life and why? I could see my film opening with a sweet “late to class” upbeat montage with some Vampire Weekend playing.
  2. You could only watch one film for the rest of your life, which film would it be? The Kill Bills.
  3. What is your favourite film with your favourite actor? I guess I’ll say The Usual Suspects for Kevin Spacey, though favorite actor is a tough call.
  4. Who do you think is the worst film director ever? Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. They make all those horrible “parody” movies that nobody likes. The Starving Games was the last one I saw. Just garbage.
  5. Sith Lord or Jedi Knight? Sith Lords have more fun.
  6. What was the first film you watched at cinemas? I can’t say for sure. I remember watching Shrek in theaters, but I’m sure it was earlier than that.
  7. If you could be a character in any film franchise which would it be? Scott Lang from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His life isn’t great, but who cares when you’ve got that sweet suit.
  8. A TV show that you wish would come back for a new series? Apparently they’re actually bringing back Twin Peaks, which would have been my choice. I’ll say Arrested Development. Is that show ever coming back? It’s been over a year, right? Maybe two? Somebody fill me in on this one.
  9. If you could give an Oscar to anyone who would it be and why? I think Ed Norton is one of the most talented actors without an Oscar right now. If he plays his cards right and picks some good roles, he’ll certainly get one in the coming years.
  10. Have you ever been to a comic-con? No, but it seems like a fun time. I’ve just never been interested enough to go.
  11. If you could meet anyone, alive or dead, real or fictional who would it be and why? Boris Yeltsin. I’m sure he got lonely.


I’d like to thank everyone who nominated me and wrote questions, and I’m very sorry these are so overdue. This was really fun, and if I didn’t feel so ashamed for my lateness, I would nominate more people with my own questions. Please check out the amazing blogs I’ve linked above, and thanks for your continued support. I hope I can keep bringing you all quality film discussions!


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  1. CINEWANDER says:

    Great answers!!

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  2. suuscinechat says:

    Great answers! Totally agree on the living in a Wes Anderson film and your Babadook/Flubber crossover. Might not give me the creeps as much… Also a good +1 for Rick and Morty:)


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